MSR Weatherstripping Inc.
Commercial Window & Patio Door Refurbishment

If you have older multi-residential properties in your Canadian portfolio that you are considering for new windows or patio doors, we invite you to consider a refurbishment program rather than a replacement.

Do you have residents complaining about:

  • Cold, drafty windows/doors
  • Impaired operation
  • Rattling windows
  • Outside noise
  • High heating bills
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our High Rise Window & Patio Door Maintenance/Refurbishment Service
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Our program has saved our clients MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by refurbishing older stock aluminum windows and sliding patio doors to original efficiency. The cost of new windows will never be recouped through energy savings - Save 85-90% with a refurbishment program vs new windows. Aluminum and glass do not deteriorate, only the parts and pieces!

Our team will provide the following services
to qualified properties in Canada:

  • Preliminary consultation, inspection, assessment, and recommendations
  • Aluminum Window & Sliding Patio Door Refurbishment
    • weatherstripping removal and replacement
    • part replacement (wheels, handles, glides etc.)
  • installation of new window and patio door screens
  • installation of window safety limiters
Significant capital cost savings for property management portfolios is one of the reasons why our solution to refurbish windows rather than replace them have become so popular. Why replace the whole window when only certain components are worn out.